Closure of temporary parking lots in Nordhavn
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In the period July - September 2022, there will be a gradual closure of five temporary parking areas in Nordhavn.

The closure of the parking areas takes place as a result of the ceasing of By & Havn's dispensation for the operation of the temporary parking areas with the opening of P-kælder Kronløbsøen and the addition of 1,000 new parking spaces in Nordhavn. You can read more about the opening op P-kælder Nordhavn in this separate news article: Link to news article

The closing plan is as follows:

Closing per July 25, 2022:

  • Parking area between Pakhus 53 and Pakhus 54 (Sundmolen)
  • Parking area i Pakhus 52 (Sundmolen)

Closing per August 31, 2022:

  • P-plads Tromsøgade (Århusgadekvarteret Vest)

Closing per September 30, 2022:

  • P-plads Glückstadsvej (Århusgadekvarteret)
  • P-plads Gittervej (Århusgadekvarteret)

As we are entering a holiday period, where many are out travelling, we ask that you pay special attention to where you park your car while you may be away. Vehicles that are not removed in time will be removed by the police.