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During the coming months, the eastern part of Sundmolen will undertake a number of changes concerning the parking.  At the tip of the pier, the construction of the new headquarter for the architectural firm BIG is about to start and at the same time By & Havn begins a complete renovation of Pakhus 47. To balance out the loss of parking spaces, By & Havn converts a section of Pakhus 52 to parking area.

Parking spaces at the tip of the pier closes from February 26

From Friday, February 26, the parking spaces at the tip of Sundmolen closes permanently.

If you use this parking area, you must remove your car no later than 18.00.

The closing is due to the beginning of the construction of the new headquarter for the architectural firm BIG at the tip of the pier.

From week 9, it is no longer possible to park east of Pakhus 48.

Parking area at Sundmolen
Picture of Pakhus 48

Renovation of Pakhus 47

From early April, By & Havn begins a complete renovation of Pakhus 47 of the south side of Sundmolen.

I connection to the renovation, it is necessary to block off the parking spaces along the northern and southern side of the warehouse as the space is to be used as building site.

Thus, from Wednesday, March 31, it is no longer possible to use the parking spaces along Pakhus 47 at Klubiensvej and Sundkaj.

We expect the renovation to last throughout 2021 and 2022.

We expect that the parking spaces between Pakhus 47 and Pakhus 48 maintain throughout the period.

Temporary parking in Pakhus 52

For the last few months, By & Havn has been working on converting section c in Pakhus 52 on the northeastern side of Sundmolen to a temporary parking area.

In the near future, Pakhus 52 will have room for 64 vehicles.

Now, By & Havn awaits permission from the Municipality. We expect to be able to open the new parking spaces during the early spring.

The parking spaces in Pakhus 52 maintain until the underground parking at Kronløbsøen opens, expectedly during the summer of 2022.

Picture of Pakhus 52

Where can I park at and around Sundmolen?

As the overview map below illustrates, there are still plenty of parking opportunities at both the eastern and westerns part of Sundmolen especially between the warehouses and around Pakhus 52.

In the case, that you cannot find an available parking space at Sundmolen, we ask that you park at Levantkaj or at P-plads Glückstadsvej at the beginning of Århusgadekvarteret. Both parking areas are included in the parking subscriptions for residents and companies in Nordhavn.

Overview of Sundmolen