P-kælder Kronløbsøen

Kronløbsøen, which is an artificial island, is being established in Kronløbsbassinet between Fortkaj and Sundkaj. Three bridges will be established across Kronløbsbassinet, connecting Kronløbsøen with both Århusgadekvarteret and Sundmolen, as well as an access tunnel from Fortkaj, which leas down to the parking decks under Kronløbsøen.

Behind the project are By & Havn, Pension Danmark and Nordkranen Ejendomsudviklingsselskab, with NCC as the contractor. 

Kronløbsøen will be established on a base with an underground car park with four floors - located below the water surface with capacity for approximately 1,000 cars.


Automatic number plate registration

A camera-based payment system is installed in P-kælder Kronløbsøen. The cameras are installed at the entrance and exit area. The cameras automatically read and identify the vehicles and parking starts and ends automatically. 


Parking rates

  • First 30 minutes: free
  • Monday - Sunday at 07-17: DKK 18.00 per hour
  • Monday - Sunday at 17-07: DKK 9.00 per hour
  • Max daily rate: DKK 120.00 per day

It is possible to pay via the EasyPark app or via the payment station before departure.


Did you forget to pay for your parking?

After departure it is possible to pay for your parking time for up to 48 hours after departure. Go to payment window


Parking Subscription

The following traditional parking subsciptions from PARKinCPH are valid to P-kælder Kronløbsøen:

The following ANPR parking subscriptions from PARKincPH are valid to P-kælder Kronløbsøen:

  • ANPR 24/7 Nordhavn
  • ANPR Business 24/7 Nordhavn
  • ANPR Night & Weekend Nordhavn
  • ANPR Forbrug Nordhavn
Parking spaces
Electric car
Disability parking
Electric car charge
Mobile payment
Payment station
P-kælder Kronløbsøen

Dunkerquegade 16

2150 Nordhavn

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Opening hours
Monday - Sunday

Max. height: 2.10 meters