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There are three different user types that can create a profile and buy parking licenses through PARKinCPH:

  • Residents with address in the areas where parking is offered via PARKinCPH
  • Businesses in the areas where parking is offered via PARKinCPH
  • Private (employees) working in the areas where parking is offered via PARKinCPH

PARKinCPH offers parking subscriptions to customers who either live or work in the areas where parrking is provided by By & Havn. That means that you cannot use PARKinCPH for guest parking, commute parking etc.

For short-term parking you may use other available payment sources such as the payment stations at the parking facility or the varies parking apps provided at each parking facility.

There can be multiple reasons to why your address is being rejected. First, make sure that you have entered the address correctly.

As the construction of new buildings are completed, the new addresses are added to PARKinCPH. It happens that we miss something. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will add the address right away if the address is covered by By & Havn.

For some addresses, By & Havn is not the parking provider. Some buildings have their own private parking facilities and must use these.


Parking in Bellakvarter, Ørestad

By & Havn does not cover parking for residents in Bellakvarter in Ørestad City. You can learn more about parking in Bellakvarter via their website:

Parking Subscription

When you buy a parking subscription, you buy the right to park in a vacant parking space at any of the parking facility included in your parking subscription. The majority of our parking subscriptions give access to several parking facilities in the same area. In the product description you can find a list of the parking facilities included in your parking subscription.

When you buy a parking subscription you do not get a reserved parking space, nor can we always guarantee an available parking space in your preferred parking facility.

If the parking facility closest to your destination is full, you will have to drive on to the next parking facility.

You can change the registration number on your parking subscription at any time, for example if you get a new car or you borrow a car as your own go in for repair or service.

How to change the registration number

  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Go to the menu "my parking”
  3. Open / click on the subscription you want to edit
  4. Enter the new registration number
  5. Finish with "save"

When you enter a new registration number it is validated via an integration to the Danish Motor Register. The register is updated once a week which means that if your car is newly registered we may not be able to validate the registration number. That does not mean that you cannot change the registration number, just that we cannot validate it, and thus you must pay extra attention that you enter it correctly.

Change of registration number takes effect immediately. If you have entered your phone number on your profile, you will receive an SMS confirmation when you change the registration number.

It is your own responsibility to change the registration number on your parking subscription before you park if you change car. If the registration number is not changed in time it may result in a parking fee. Parking fees due to incorrect registration number are not cancelled.  

No, it is not possible to have multiple registration numbers connected to the same parking subscription at the same time. You can only have one active registration number per parking subscription at a time.

If you change car frequently, you will have to change the registration number on your parking subscription every time.

The system remembers your previous entries, making it easy to change the registration number if you often change between the same cars.

No, it is not possible to pause a parking subscription. Instead, you can terminate your parking subscription by the end of a month. When/if the need for parking arises again, you can buy a new parking subscription.

Yes, unterminated parking subscriptions are automatically renewed every month to the first of the month.

No, we do not offer quantity discount, senior/student discount or other discount schemes.

The prices of parking are based on a calculation of costs of building, maintaining and operating the parking facilities. The costs per parking space are the same whether you have one or two cars.

Collective Agreements

In Ørestad there are two properties where a collective price for parking was negotiated as part of the sales agreement. Thus, these two particular properties pay a collective price for parking. Parking rights are no longer part of any sales agreements.

The collective agreements only include the addresses below. The collective price is per April 1, 2020 DKK 615.00 per month for the 24/7 parking subscription and will be regulated according to the terms and conditions of PARKinCPH.

The collective agreement includes the following addresses:

  • Edvard Thomsens Vej 69 (all apartments)
  • Edvard Thomsens Vej 71 (all apartments)
  • Edvard Thomsens Vej 73 (all apartments)
  • Ørestads Boulevard 55 / 55A (apartments 2, 102, 104, 105, 201, 302, 305, 309, 311, 402, 410, 504, 510, 511, 705, 806, 901)

How do I get the collective price for my parking subscription?

At first, you must register in PARKinCPH and buy a regular 24/7 parking subscription. Upon your purchase, our customer service will contact you to verify that you live on that particular address. Subsequently, we regulate the price of you parking subscription and refund any amount that you have overpaid.

On a regular basis, our customer service controls your right to the collective price and we may ask for renewed documentation.

As the norm, the free height in the parking garages ranges from 2.0 - 2.10 meters. See the maximum height for each parking facility in the Areas menu.

If you have a tall car, you can park at the temporary ground parking lots.

If you need parking for a handicap bus and you have a valid disabled parking card, please call us or send an e-mail for further information.

It is not possible to book a reserved parking space.

Exceptionally, customers with a disabiliity parking license, can book a reserved parking space.


Car-sharing are a supplement to the already well-developed public transport system we know from Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, there are various providers of car-sharing, which basically make it easy to take a car when you need it. In addition, it also contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.

By & Havn collaborates with several providers and associations with car-shareds. In several of our parking facilities in Nordhavn and Ørestad, it is possible to both pick up and park shared cars/city cars. By & Havn currently has agrrements with the following providers:

  • ShareNow
  • GreenMobility
  • LetsGo

You can read more on the providers' website.  

Disabled parking

Residents with the blue disables parking card receive a 30% discount on their monthly parking license from PARKinCPH. The parking license is purchased and administered via By & Havn's digital parking portal, PARKinCPH. It is a prerequisite to get the discount that you can document that you are in possession of a valid disabled parking card. Contact our customer service for more information.

With a monthly parking permit from PARKinCPH, you can use both the regular parking spaces and parking spaces dedicated to disabled parking in the parking facilities to which the parking license gives access. When using parking spaces dedicated to disabled parking, you must have your blue disabled parking card visible in the windscreen for inspection.

On payment of a full parking license, if you have a valid blue disabled parking card, you can get your own dedicated parking space, which is reserved and marked exclusively for you. Contact our customer service for more information.

You will find disabled parking spaces in all our parking facilities. By & Havn meets the municipality's requirement that a minimum of 2% of the parking spaces must be disabled parking spaces. We try to establish the disabled parking spaces, so that there are good access conditions for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users.

The disabled parking spaces can be used by all parkers who hold a valid disabled parking card. When parking in a disabled parking space, the disabled parking card must be placed visibly and controllably in the car's windscreen.


Parking rates as of 1 October 2023

Car parks/basements: The applicable parking rate is paid when parking in a disables parking space

Parking on terrain: Parking is free when parking in a disabled parking space.


Inspection fee

Illegal parking in a disabled parking space can result in an inspection fee of DKK 1,500.00 per day.

Guest parking

  • Apcoa Flow
  • EasyPark
  • OK
  • ParkMan
  • ParkOne
  • ParkPark


Parking apps is a service offered at our parking facilites. Which payment apps that can be used at which parking facilities may vary.


For terms and conditions we refer to the individual app operator. Use of parking apps is at your own risk. By & Havn are not responsible for errors or malfunctions in third party services. As customer, you are responsible for ensuring that your number plate and parking area (zone) is entered correctly. Any complaints og reclamations must be made to the app operator.

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