Charge your EV with By & Havn

In most By & Havn parking facilities you can find charging facilities, where you can charge your electric vehicle. More charging boxes are installed countiniously. The charging boxes are operated in collaboration with the charging operator company Spirii.

On this page you can find information on terms and prices for using By & Havn charging boxes. The parking rules may vary from site to site. The rules are signposted at the parking facility. In our FAQ you can also find the answers to the most frequent questions about EV charging.


Parking facilities in Nordhavn with charging boxes:

Other locations with charging boxes:

Charging prices

Prices for charging are listed below:

  Current price
Price with voucher 2.10 kr. per kWh
Price without voucher 3.26 kr. per kWh

When roaming, the operator might impose roaming charges.


Discount with parking subscription from PARKinCPH

With a parking subscription from PARKinCPH you get a discount when you charge your EV at By & Havn's chargers.

Via your profile at you can request a voucher. When receiving your voucher you must activate it in the Spirii app.

The discount applies to all By & Havn charging boxes operated by Spirii.


Price regulation

Due to the fluctuating electricity prices By & Havn has to countiniously regulate the prices for charging, so that these follow the electricity prices and the agreements that By & Havn has with the electricity company. Today, By & Havn has a mix of fixed price agreements and flexible price agreements. 

Prices are regulated monthly to the first weekday of the month. The prices are regulated the first time on december 1, 2022. The prices are calculated on the basis of By & Havns purchasing agreements for the current month. If the prices respectively rise or fall, this will be reflected accordingly in the prices for charging.

Users of By & Havn's charging boxes can find the current prices for charging the in Spirii app and here on our website, where the new prices for the following month will be listed as soon as the new calsulations are in.


Questions on how to use the charging boxes and reporting of errors

If you need any help on how to operate the chrging boxes, questions regarding the Spirii app or to report an error with a charging box, please contact Spirii customer service on phone 38171500.