Get going with PARKinCPH

Welcome to PARKinCPH, the digital parking portal for the administration of digital parking licenses for the By & Havn parking facilities in Ørestad, Nordhavn, Marmormolen, Søndre Frihavn and Nordre Toldbod.

PARKinCPH, which is tailored for By & Havn, has been developed as a web portal that can be accessed via an Internet browser from PC, tablet and smartphone.

PARKinCPH is designed based on the concept Mobile-First, which ensures a good user experience on even the small units.

PARKinCPH is a self-service portal where the user himself buys and manages his digital parking licenses, including payment and termination.

Digital parking licenses are offered as monthly subscriptions and short-term parking. Read more about the various parking licenses in the Products menu.

User types

The first time you create a profile on PARKinCPH, you will be asked to select your user type.

  • Select Resident if you live in one of the areas where purchase of parking licenses is offered.
  • Select Company if you are a business enterprise with affiliation in one of the neighborhoods where purchase of parking licenses is offered.
  • Select Employee if you are a private individual and work in one of the neighborhoods where purchase of parking licenses is offered.

Digital registration

The parking licenses are digital, which means that no kind of physical parking certificate must be used.

For each digital parking permit, one vehicle is associated. This is done via the vehicle's registration number.

It is possible to change the registration number if the user for example gets a new car, the car is taken in for repair, or if grandma is watching the kids for the weekend.

PARKinCPH is supported by an integration with the Danish Motor Register, which helps the user verify that they enter the correct registration number on the parking license. This reduces the risk of typing errors.

Pay With Payment Card

The digital parking licenses are paid for with payment cards. It is possible to pay with the following payment cards: Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Union Pay.

Payment for parking subscriptions is made monthly in advance.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed to the first day of the month until terminated.

Flexible Business Parking

As a business, PARKinCPH can be tailored to match your parking needs, whether it be fixed parking subscriptions, consumption billing or guest parking management either via manned reception or iPad registration.

Read more about our flexible parking solution for businesses here.

User Manuals

Below you can download our various user manuals for PARKinCPH.


Get started with PARKinCPH and find help in our user manual.



Get started with PARKinCPH and find help in our user manual.


Parking Control

EuroPark carries out parking control at all our parking facilities in accordance with private law rules. The parking inspectors scan the vehicle's license plate to see if the vehicle in question has valid registration. If there is no valid registration or if the parking otherwise is made in violation of the rules laid out for the parking facility, a control fee is issued. Inquiries regarding check fees should be directed to EuroPark for case processing.